The spelling of a druse might be druze, or druzy, however you spell it, these little gems are so popular in jewelry these days.  I love them!   I have always wanted to get geodes and crack them open to discover the crystals lying inside like a twinkling surprise.  Most times I never got much from the ones I found.  Thank goodness for the geologists and rock hounds that have brought them to us in the jewelry industry.  Sometime you could stop by my studio and see many forms of crystals, and the druzy crystals I might use in my creating jewelry. I have many pieces in the design stage, perhaps you would like to help me create one for you…

So many forms of this crystal are available and so ready to use in the creation of jewelry.  When I buy my stones, I try to select something that will work well with the color metals that I like to use.  Often they do not compliment copper, but they really are well paired with sterling silver.  Very organic in nature, they create a choice and deep thought as to how best to display them into a designed piece.  Most will speak for themselves, being very bold and bright or just having a glimmer and sparkle!  Setting them like a cabochon traditional setting will not work, in most instances the backs are quite “lumpy”, so I let the stone speak to the type of design each druzy dictates.

So many forms of crystals are available and so ready to use in the creation of jewelry.  Some artist’s like myself like to let them speak for themselves, and some will just create a simple pointed drop of one crystal.  I advise my customers to take care with the crystal druzy they choose, as they are fragile.  An organic stone, sometimes can lose a few tips from the cluster, and can be as fragile as a crystal wine glass.  If you drop a druzy it might break, but protected in an encasement of beautiful sterling silver or perhaps bronze it will last a lifetime.  After all they have been in the earth forming for centuries!

Rising from the earth

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