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Creativity is at the forefront of who I am.

I’ve always had an artistic expression, but there’s something about being a metalsmith and working with many different mediums that fulfills my purpose and cause.  It lets me be a creator.  It lets me take the inspiration I draw from the world and pour myself into a piece that sings.

You may ask, what about the world inspires you?

Simply, everything.  Pets, family, poetry, music, feelings, getting outside and enjoying nature, and even life itself gives me the fuel to create pieces that resonate all the way down to the last detail.

If you have any questions whatsoever; feel free to email me or send a message via my Contact Us page.

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Why Feather Heart Studio?

I had searched for a name for my studio, tried several different ones, and every time, something was missing.  However, one day I was speaking with a dear friend and came upon the Ancient Egyptian saying about weighing your heart to a feather.  

You see, when I create, my heart is light and I am connected to the universe in a way that is unexplained.  So I did a bit of research.  

In Ancient Egypt, it was believed that upon death, ones fate in the afterlife was determined by the weighing of the heart.  The god of the afterlife weighed the persons heart on a scale against the feather of the goddess of order and truth.  This was judgement of the worthiness to enter the afterlife.  If the heart was lighter than the feather, then the person could enter the eternal afterlife.    

Somehow this seemed to resonate with me and thus became my studio name . . . Feather Heart Studio.

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